Every audition is a balancing act between preparedness and flexibility. The only thing you have control over in the room is your work. However, getting the job is more than just being a good actor. You must also understand the specific demands of the role and project for which you are auditioning, and how the genre affects your approach.

While working on your material, I will use a variety of methods to help you make strong, truthful, intelligent and specific choices. Every actor is different; so I’ve found a one-size fits all approach just doesn’t work. With audition coaching, you and I need to get to a way of thinking that works best for you quickly!

Some actors do best developing the character from the text and using backstory to feed them emotionally (Adler). Other actors respond more to emotional memory (Stanislavski), calling on their own personal memories and comparable life experiences. Some actors love talking about actions, objectives, and tactics. To others, those are just big words.

We will focus on finding what makes you unique and bring that unique essence to the role. We will also work on getting you to really listen, as if you are hearing the words for the first time. After all this preparation, you will walk into that room with absolute confidence. Book it!!